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This is the completely original story that totally did not rip off The Hunger Games that follows the adventures of Blonde Katniss and Sexy Number as they try to hide their incredibly obvious secret of being normal fucking people in a world that classifies humans more poorly than Sims 3.

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I’ve been answering nasty asks for a while now and I will continue to do so but I think it’s time I touched on lighter topics as well.

So I will begin blogging about movies and TV shows and books as well.

For now I want you lovely darlings to suggest movies that I should watch and blog about. Drop me an ask with a few titles and I will give them all a shot and a snarky sorta review. 

Funny thing happened.

Refreshed the Tumblr page.

Heard loud thunder as the storm began outside.

Checked followers count.


You babies are my Sturmabteilung, my stormtroopers <3


Color photo of Hitler with Franz Halder and other officers at the Wolf’s Lair.


Color photo of Hitler with Franz Halder and other officers at the Wolf’s Lair.

A message from Anonymous
I used to think you were a cool person, you had fantastic views, and I'll admit you still have some great views, but these days most of your posts are disgusting. You've gone from being a cool person to being a complete cunt.

In a matter of days? I do believe that it’s the topics I’ve been adressing these past days that bother you and not necessarily me because I have not changed at all.

A message from Anonymous
I knew you were a disgusting individual before but now you've made things worse. In regards to incest you say it's just another aspect of humanity. How can you tolerate it!?

I don’t. But me crying out that incest is wrong and what not won’t change it or make it vanish. 

Deep down we all have that dirty kink to have a go with a family member. Some act on it and become pathological. The rest don’t and we call them normal people. 

But denying it doesn’t make you a better person. Closing your eyes won’t make the bad go away.  You don’t have to condone it but don’t act all mighty and pure when none of us are

A message from Anonymous
What are your thoughts on beastiality, incest, and other things of the such that usually get grouped together.
A reply from the-porcelain-empress

What about them? Just another aspect of humanity. “We are no guiltier in following the primitive impulses that govern us than is the Nile for her floods or the sea for her waves.” 









i need to sit down

She fucks monkeys. Confirmed.

white ppl grotesque

white people will fuck their pets and then turn around and be bad a Micheal Vick for having a job

Just read her FAQ’s. She’ll fuck animals, but she won’t fuck or date Non-Whites.

Lol her views are unique. Though they seem contradictory in certain areas. 

no surprise there, white people value dogs over black people

bitch, what? white people truly are on another level.

Look at this sorry bunch of ignorants.

"White people" is your reply to this? When in present day Africa there are tribes that sell and buy children brides, practice body modification, eat people, run around naked and die from AIDS you have the audacity to say "white people" from your comfy homes on white territories.

I gave an answer while quoting a great European thinker and your reply was “white people”. Yes, white people, the ones that first came up with hedonism and democracy and all these other interesting ideas you could have discussed in stead of our childish “white people” reply.

Black people, I swear….

A message from Anonymous
Killing people is wrong

A message from crowleyslittlepixie
Actually in the SAW films, the long term kept hostages received food/water/air. Case in point SAW IV: Eric Matthews was kept hostage for 6 months in a cell, he was still given food and water. SAW II: Daniel Matthews was locked in a safe for 6 hours but had an oxygen mask. SAW III: Little girl was locked in a back room of a warehouse, she was given food and water. So what that person was describing was worse treatment than that. (Yes I watch the SAW films too often)

( love the Saw films )

A message from Anonymous
Hello, I've just started following you today because I agree with most of your opinions. But can you please tag your food if you post any? I am fasting for religious reasons (ramadan) and I want to avoid seeing food on my dash.

Does this include people? :P

Don’t worry I don’t post food at all. Stay strong and hydrated! 

A message from Anonymous
Well you're far more messed up than I thought. So how is it like being a psychopath?

Rewarding. Having feelings is a weakness.

A message from Anonymous
you watch the show HANNIBAL? what do you like about it?

The Hot Guys

I perfectly identify with Hannibal.

A message from Anonymous
would you have a three way with ava braun and hitler

Would I?!