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Why am I awesome? What did I do? Did I oppress someone successfully finally? Did I assert my white privilege? Male entitlement?

You, my friend, are a fighter of unbreakable will and I applaud that. 

ikazed The Porcelain Empress has a message for you!

ikazed The Porcelain Empress has a message for you!

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Your opinion is valid and should be respected like anybody else, I just think you don't respect and hear people out. Just shutting people down and basically saying people who don't think like you or have the same views are wrong isn't the way I think you should approach life or their thoughts and feelings. But, this is your blog and your thoughts I can't change you, just thought you should consider a different way of responding to people so you don't offend anyone or make people feel shit.

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Killing people is wrong
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no this is basic common sense

murdering another human being is wrong

it’s not up for debate

I hear you but

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Regardless of what people might say or think about you, I'm certain that you'd be among the elite few who would survive a famine/catastrophe because of your outlook. Go you!

And cannibalism always helps ;)

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Nicki Minaj?

Quit trying to annoy me. Anybody that reads my blog knows how I feel about this bunch. They are nasty people on top of being ugly. Now fuck off

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I can understand why you hate some feminist out there, but the idea in itself is pure; that woman across the globe have the right to equal pay, education, etc. I hope you don't address this as 'it's just part humanity and we can't ever hope to change it' as you did with other topics like incest and rape. You are stereotyping the cause just as some feminist are stereotyping men. The idea should not have a bad reputation, just those who taint it.

Communism is not bad, it’s just the communists that taint it.

The feminist movement exists in the Western world. That’s it. No such movement would dare peak its ugly head in a Muslim country or even be able to be organized in African territories. 

Do the women in 3rd world countries need help? Sure. Will they get it from bratty feminists in 1st world countries? NO

Those women can only help themselves or beg the men to give up centuries of tradition. 

Humanity can change some of its ideas in time. But not in the immediate future and surely not through feminism

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You hate dogs?!?! Do you also hate fun and happiness?

I don’t know, do you like dog bites and rabies? 

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Generally speaking we want equality, because we feel sorrow and empathy for those who do not have our rights. We can't stop these emotions of sadness and guilt, because that in itself is nature. No one teaches us to feel sad or empathetic, because those feelings are natural. So in some way equality is not merely social construct.

The only creatures that want equality are the weakest of the pack. They desire that those around them either come to their level or protect them.

Strong animals within a group want order and hierarchy. They usually enforce this by keeping the weak members in check and eating the best food, sleeping in the best spot and generally making decisions for the group. 

Within an animal group the only ones protected are the cubs but even this depends on whose genes they are carrying. 

Nurture teaches us to feel bad, not nature. Some people are raised to think that being kind and gentle is the best way because by doing good they will be protected and regarded better. Others, sadly a minority, are raised to understand that by displaying dominance they will get ahead in life. Both methods are true and tested but the majority of people, as the majority of animals, are weak hence we breed and pass on this idea that being kind and empathetic is best. 

Nature doesn’t agree. Neither does war, famine and destruction.

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Misha Collins?

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he’s an actual angel

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We should all stay segregated in our own cultures and land correct? Because our genes depict our right to live in the 'Motherland.' But you stated 'Nobody has privilege.' So why do we belong there? We didn't fight for it like our ancestors. Because our genes give us the privilege.

You think that if we are not killing each other in wars we are not worthy of our lands as much as our ancestors? We still fight each day. We keep a society going, we keep the culture alive, we have kids that hold our genes. And if war comes then we are ready. But until then we are still working for what we have. 

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Katy Perry

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Rick Moranis

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No, no way. No.

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John Goodman

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Now that’s a cuddle bear

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Halle Berry

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I’m sure my answer must be shocking to you