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Hey sorry to bother. Not sure if youre keeping up with ferguson but @the-porcelain-empress is talking about how Mike Brown deserved to get shot and just basically being really rude. Think you could tell your followers to report her or something?
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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^


wow this blog is actually really disgusting wtf like i understand ppl are entitiled to their own opinions but theirs just sucks major ass

thestoryofharry I would love to see a screencap of me saying that dude deserved to be shot. I said thugs are at risk of being shot.

Also punchcalum 

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You can't even see your privilege but you're blinded by it. My childhood friends have been shot. My dad has been shot. This isn't some joke, peoples lives are in danger due to racial prejudice. I encourage you to use critical thinking skills. You have no right to speak about Mike Brown, or Blacks. Let alone criminalize him after death. Educate yourself, please. Not only for yourself but for the betterment of future generations.

 My childhood friends have been shot. My dad has been shot.

Hmmm, a clue, Sherlock

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As a biracial person myself, I still love you

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Opinion on beastiality

If you can kill an animal without its consent then you can fuck it too.

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Friendly reminder that your loved ones will be crying uncontrollably at your funeral. :)

Friendly reminder that I’ll be too dead to enjoy it.

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Opinion on the "wage gap" between men and women? (This is a controversial topic in the US, not sure about Romania)

In Romania we stop believing in fairytales around the age of 11.

Obviously that’s not the case in the US

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What is your opinion on immigration?

Only allow legal immigrants that are truly needed. Bringing in tons of immigrants just because they work for less will eventually destroy the economy hence it would be detrimental to the country’s population.

Overall I am against mass immigration. The less the better.

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Being jewish is not a race? Any person from any country can practice Judaism.

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hey can you please take your post out of the bearkin tag, its ok to make jokes about it i guess but when you invade spaces made for people to talk about similarities they have and forcefully make them see you making fun of them its called bullying

cub2 See a shrink. Asap. And grow a pair you pussy

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What's your twitter?

I’m not 14 nor mentally handicapped.

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Thoughts on suicide?

Bluffing is not cool.

Always leave a not.

Try to not make it too messy.

Never take a friend with you.

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not too sure if you have said your opinion on this but how do you feel about having Obama as our president (assuming you're from the states)? Do you think he's doing well or bad, does his race alter your opinion? sorry for the questions just curious

A President should be elected based on his capacity to lead a population and better a country. 

Never give that amount of power to someone that is biased hence comes from a subgroup of a country’s population. A leader must be the member of the majority otherwise they will cater to their own group primarily. 

Obama was elected because he stood out not because he was one of the people. And he did a crappy job, as expected. Then again, the US hasn’t had a decent president in decades and as far as I can tell they are set to elect a woman.

May the Devil help you because God surely abandoned you.

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Actual no. There have been reports of white supremacists destroying property and much of the fires set where cause by the tear gas bombs and other explosive weapons the police are using on peaceful people, black & white. Most stores were broken into because people were trying to find a safe haven and the only thing "stolen" was milk to stop the burning on faces/in eyes. I do not feel bad about the caucasian race dying out because many of you have been killing off minorities since the beginning.

White supremacists in Ferguson….

Only stealing milk….


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Although I don't agree with your opinions, I respect your firmness and fearlessness. Plus, you actually have some intellectual arguments, instead of pulling the 'cuz I said so' card. You're intriguing.

mynameisdavid23 You can fucking Google how to report someone. 

Here, let me help you : you send a mail to abuse@tumblr.com. Like I have done several times to report you.

You say you don’t have a job. Maybe you’d have better chances at finding one if you weren’t on my tumblr all day reblogging my every post and asking like a parrot how to report me.


Thank you. Good riddance.